What is Regenerative Farming?

At Pure Produce we believe that regenerative farming is a system of farming principles and practices that seeks to enhance the entire ecosystem of the farm.

Our regenerative model places a heavy premium on soil health with attention also paid to improving the water cycle, increasing carbon sequestration and nutrient density of our plants and animals.

The fundamentals of our farming model are:

  • Zero Disturbance: No tillage – let the soil build its structure
  • Life:  Grow a living plant in the soil at all times
  • Diversity:  Multi species crops and rotations.  We want to feed our underground biology a balanced diet.
  • Protection:  Maintain armour on the soil surface at all times
  • Animal Impact:  Adhere to strict grazing regimes and get that manure into the soil.

Improved soil health = Nutrient dense plants = Nutrient dense beef!

Quality soil equals Quality food

The quality of our food depends heavily on the quality of the soil in which it is grown. Through improvement to our soil health, we have seen great improvements in plant health, animal health and in turn human health. Healthy soils have the ability to store more carbon and allow for a higher infiltration rates of water.

Regenerative farming focuses on utilising the magic of Photosynthesis to feed soil biology and this process is maximised with the use of a diverse range of plant species. We take great care in providing delicious food for all our livestock – both above and below ground.

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We don’t want any ‘cides’ on our farm.

Our farming model focuses on creating life in symbiosis rather than killing it. We do not use any Herbicides, Pesticides, Fungicides on any of our grazed pastures. Cide is Lattin for killer. We don’t want any ‘cides’ on our farm.

There is a vast array of information online relating to the growing movement around Regenerative Farming Practices, and we strongly encourage everyone to dive into this information and learn more!

A few suggestions are:


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