T-Bone steak

T-Bones are steaks cut from the short loin.  The short loin resides in the hindquarter of the animal.  On the small side of the T-Bone is the Tenderloin (or Eye Fillet) and on the large side is the Sirloin.  Our T-bones are tasty and juicy and can be served with a number of sides including our favourite, chips and salad!

A good Pure Produce T-Bone….will make a Willi wagtail fight an Emu.

Tomahawk Steak

The tomahawk steak… wow this is the star of the show!  The Tomahawk is harvested from the forequarter of the animal and is essentially a ribeye steak specifically cut with a length of the rib bone left intact. These steaks are cut thick and are a terrific host for our pasture fed flavour.  Be sure to give them some love when preparing and cooking.

If you feel the Tomahawks might be a bit much to handle, we are able to bone these out to rib fillet steaks instead (see preference selection)

Eye Fillet (Tenderloin)

The eye fillet steaks are cut from the Tenderloin and are the surplus steaks once the T-Bones have been cut.  These steaks are commonly the most tender cut on the animal and due to their softness cook really quickly!

Rump Steak

Rump Steak, what a crowd pleaser!  Boasting a delicious and delicate flavour this cut is extremely versitile.  Taken from the hindquarter and up top near the tail of the animal, rump steaks are one to keep hidden when you have visitors over – no need to go sharing this one!

Oyster Blade Steak

Oyster blade is a steak cut from the shoulder of the animal (forequarter).  The Oyster blade has a small line of gristle running through it – but don’t let that scare you from trying one of the most flavour filled cuts on the animal!  Oyster blades is extremely versatile:  Braised slowly with onions and gravy or flash fried for an amazing Thai Beef Salad.

Rib Fillet

Now who doesn’t like a slice of grass-fed rib fillet!  Much like the rump, keep this one well-hidden when you have visitors.  The rib fillet is a primal cut taken from the Forequarter of the animal.  There are not too many sides that won’t match this cut like a hand in a glove.

Premium Beef Sausages

Our Pure Produce beef sausages are simply amazing.  You can actually taste the beef!  We are super careful with the beef/fat ratio to ensure these snags are juicy but do not leave you with a pool of fat after cooking.  We are also extremely light on the seasonings to make sure that the delicious grass-fed flavours shine through.

Premium Beef Mince

Our beef mince only goes through our mincer once!!  This creates the texture of real mince – not some smooshy fat riddled goo.  Our mince only contains trimmings from the main body of the animal (no offal) and has the perfect meat/fat ratio.  We certainly don’t hide excess fat trimmings in our mince!

Crumbed Steak

Our crumbed steaks are taken from our round and topside cuts.  They are sliced generously and tenderised through our cuber prior to crumbing.  They are a value add to our meat packs and preferences are available for quantity of crumbed steak in your order.

BBQ Steak

If you choose to try some of our BBQ Steak, its origin is from the round and topside cuts.  We slice these generously and run them through the cuber to break any sinew strands.  These are the same cuts we use for our crumbed steak.  You have the choice between BBQ steak or Crumbed steak in our preference section.

Strip Beef (stir-fry)

Our beef strips are taken from the blade roll and the rump tail.  These cuts are run through the cuber to tenderise and then sent back through the same machine with our strip blades fitted.  These packs are great for curries, stir-frys or beef salads.

Diced Beef (stews, slow cook)

Our diced beef is taken from the skirt steak and parts of the chuck.  These cuts are working muscles and are predominantly used for slow cooks such as stews or casseroles.  As a working muscle, they are packed with flavour but usually require a slower cook to develop their flavours and break down the muscle fibres.

Rolled Roasts

Rolled roasts are a culinary combination of the chuck rolled inside the rib flap.  They are then stitched together with food grade twine in a master craft effort by our legendary butcher.  The rib flap provides a delicious layer of fat over the chuck to create a match made in heaven.  These roasts are best slow cooked due to the chuck.  They are not for everyone due to their unique texture, and we provide an option in our preference section.

Corned Brisket

The brisket is basically the breast of the animal.  It’s a high functioning muscle and requires some care when cooking.  Low and slow is best.  Such a rich and delicious flavour with visible fat marbling.  You can choose your brisket as fresh or corned in our preference section.

Soup/Stewing Bones

Our soup bones are cut from the neck of the animal. They are very meaty and will add a supercharged beef flavour to any soup, casserole or stew.  Cook low and slow and pull the meat away from the bone to warm the coldest of winters nights.

Beef Ribs

The beef ribs that are provided in our packs are basically the remaining piece of the rib after the Tomahawks have been prepared.  Once again, these ribs are packed with flavour and are best cooked with a low and slow technique with your choice of seasonings and marinades.

Corned Silverside

The silverside is the long muscle on the back end of the animal that attaches to the rump.  This cut is traditionally used as corned beef or can also be roasted.  You get to choose between these two options in our preferences section.

Beef Stock or Pet Bones

If you don’t have a fleet of stock dogs or house pets that are panting to try some of our Pure Produce Pet bones, then grab yourself a big pot and boil up some homemade beef broth or stock.  This magic potion can be used fresh or frozen with your next winter stew or casserole.  Our bones also include the magic marrow!

Beef Rissoles

True to the name, our Pure Produce beef rissoles are PURE.  Our ingredients consist of Beef mince, eggs, onions, garlic, carrots, salt and pepper.  No preservatives or bulking meals.  You’ll love em.  You can choose to try some in our preference section.

Beef Offal

We value every part of our animals.  There are some amazing recipes that have endured the test of time when it comes to making good use of the animal’s engine room.  Please let us know if you would like to try a selection of beef offal in our preferences section.


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