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At the heart of Pure Produce is our Purpose.  Our Purpose is to farm in line with nature’s principles and offer consumers an alternative to the highly processed, commoditised and chemically treated array of food that saturates todays markets.  We are driven to play our part in repairing this model and re-igniting the farmer/consumer relationship.

We are a family business with our farm located at the base of Hervey Range in the Hinterland of Townsville North Qld.

Our livestock are pasture fed and free from hormones, chemical dips and sprays and any other nasties that can make its way into our meat. The produce is direct from our paddock to your plate.

We’re pasture farmers that happen to produce top quality beef!

We operate a Regenerative Farming model with a high focus on soil health, carbon sequestration and nutrient density and strive for diversity in our pasture species.

We strongly believe that the Regenerative Farming model provides a much healthier and nutritious product with immeasurable soil health, human health and planet health benefits.

We are primarily pasture farmers with a well-fed, highly nutritional and chemical free animal as our bi-product.

About Regenerative Farming

More than just good genes…

Our beef cattle are the result of a 12-year selective breeding program aiming for the best genetics and temperament. They are a high-quality tropical Angus breed ideally suited to the climate of North Queensland.

All livestock are bred, grown, and handled with great care and attention. We strive to provide the ideal environment for our animals, and we believe this shows through in the quality of our produce…

Our Pure Produce.

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