Beef Pack

$150.00$800.00 Deposit

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Approx weight, 1/8 animal30kg-40kg
Approx total price$615.00 - $820.00
*Delivered Weight Not Dressed Weight


Approx weight, 1/4 animal60kg – 80kg
Approx total price$1,182.00 - $1,576.00
*Delivered Weight Not Dressed Weight


Approx weight, 1/2 animal120kg – 160kg
Approx total price$2,280.00 - $3,040.00
*Delivered Weight Not Dressed Weight


Approx weight, whole animal240kg – 320kg
Approx total price$4,440.00 - $5,920.00
*Delivered Weight Not Dressed Weight

Delivered Weight Vs Dressed Weight

Let us unpack the difference for you between Delivered weight and Dressed Weight

*(Delivered Weight)* -  is the weight of beef that we deliver to you in your order.

*(Dressed weight)* - is the ‘Hot Carcass Weight’ immediately after the animal has been dressed.

*(Dressed Weight)* is typically 10-20% higher than the *(Delivered Weight)* due to the following:

  • Reduction in moisture during the aging process in the chillers
  • Disposal of excess fat, bone and other unusable trimmings that do not make their way into an order.

We only charge for the weight of beef we deliver NOT the dressed weight.

Something to keep in mind if comparing our pricing to other markets and suppliers.


* Free Delivery in and around the Townsville region
* Lead time for orders is typically 2-4 weeks
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To ensure you are receiving the most suitable product for you and your family, please choose your preferences below:

We have a Gluten Free Option.  (crumbed steaks, rissols & sausages)

Corned Brisket is great for a traditional corned beef dinner or for cold meat on sandwiches. Fresh Brisket is great for low and slow and is outstanding in a smoker.

Corned Silverside is great for a traditional corned beef dinner or for cold meat on sandwiches.  If this is not desirable, we can process this cut into a delicious fresh beef roast.

We can provide you with a delicious topside roast or we can slice this into steaks (BBQ or Crumbed steaks) further preferences between BBQ and Crumbed below.  Both use the topside.

If you are not a fan of our delicious, crumbed steak, we can provide some or all of it as tenderised BBQ steak.

If the Tomahawks might be a bit much for you to handle, we can bone these out into rib fillet and a few extra rib bones.

We make a great rolled roast (chuck wrapped in the rib flap) – This cut is not for everyone as it is sometimes a little chewier than your standard roast however the flavour of the chuck is outstanding.

Our rissols are made with very basic flavours but are delicious.  (Beef, onions, eggs, garlic powder, carrots salt and pepper)

You have the preference to choose to receive a selection of beef offal.  Unfortunately, there is not enough of each of the offal cuts to go around all of the orders, so we will choose a fair amount of each organ to suit. Or if you provide a comment below, we will do our best to provide – unfortunately due to the limited amount of offal per animal, we can’t guarantee quantities.

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Here’s what you have the option of receiving:

T-Bone Steaks, Tomahawk Steaks, Eye Fillet (Tenderloin), Rump Steaks, Oyster Blade Steaks, Rib Fillet, Premium Beef Sausages, Premium Beef Mince, Crumbed Steak, BBQ Steak, Beef Rissols, Strip Beef (stir-fry), Diced Beef (stews, slow cook), Rolled Roasts, Blade, topside or silverside Roasts, Corned Brisket, Fresh Brisket, Soup/Stewing Bones, Beef Ribs, Corned Silverside, Beef Stock or Pet Bones

  • Free refrigerated delivery available within the local Townsville area
  • All cuts are portion sliced and vacuum packed – ideal family meal sizing
  • A Quarter beef order will typically provide approx. 60-80kg of premium beef produce (depending on the dressed weight of the individual animals)
  • Our Angus Beef is Hormone free, chemical free and 100% pasture raised and finished
  • Each order comes with a handshake deal that if our product is not up to scratch, we will replace the product or refund your investment. The only catch is that we would like to hear your feedback, so we make sure whatever we did wrong, doesn’t happen again.

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