What is Regenerative Farming?

“Our regenerative model places a heavy premium on soil health with attention also paid to improving the water cycle, increasing carbon sequestration and nutrient density of our plants and animals.

The fundamentals of our farming model are:

Zero Disturbance: No tillage – let the soil build its structure

Life:  Grow a living plant in the soil at all times

Diversity:  Multi species crops and rotations.  We want to feed our underground biology a balanced diet.

Protection:  Maintain armour on the soil surface at all times

Animal Impact:  Adhere to strict grazing regimes and get that manure into the soil.”

What Omega 6:3 Ratio is Pure Produce Beef?

Fatty acid testing on our Pure Produce beef has yielded an Omega 6:3 Ratio of 1.7:1.  You will taste and feel the difference of very low Omega 6 fats in our beef.

What do I receive in a typical beef order?

We’ve added a few photos to provide a snapshot of what is typically included in our 1/4 beef packs.  Below is a typical list of items to expect.  Please note that every order will differ depending on preferences chosen and the dressed weight of individual animals.

  1. T-Bone Steaks
  2. Rump Steaks
  3. Tomahawk Steaks
  4. Eye Fillet (Tenderloin)
  5. Rib Fillet
  6. Oyster Blade Steaks
  7. Premium Beef Sausages
  8. Premium Beef Mince
  9. Crumbed Steak or BBQ Steak
  10. Beef Rissoles
  11. Strip Beef (stir-fry)
  12. Diced Beef (stews, slow cook)
  13. Rolled Roasts
  14. Blade Roasts
  15. Corned or Fresh Brisket
  16. Corned or Fresh Silverside
  17. Beef Ribs
  18. Soup/Stewing Bones
  19. Beef Stock / Pet Bones
Can I cancel my order?

Each order we receive is treated like gold.  We are extremely grateful for the support of our customer base and like any good deal, we would expect a similar level of respect in return.

Once an order is placed, these animals are processed with preferences to suit the individual order.  Therefore, cancellations are very difficult to redistribute.  We simply can’t just put it back in the cold room and sell to the next customer.

Once an order is placed on-line, a deposit is held until the order is finalised and ready for delivery, whereby the balance of the payment will be received.  Should an order be cancelled prior to delivery, then the deposit with be withheld along with the meat order.

Please ensure you are fully aware of what you are about to order before doing so.  It will make life easier for all involved (including our valued livestock.)

What age are the cattle?

Our livestock are well cared for and graze freely on open pasture from the time they are weaned off their mother’s milk.  They have a great life with only one bad moment.  We aim to grow our cattle to approx 2 years of age and 500-600kg live weight.

How fresh is the meat?

Our cattle are mustered direct from the paddock and transported to an approved abattoir off farm.  The refrigerated bodies are then aged in the chillers for a minimum of 10 days before being transported back to our farm for processing in our approved on farm facility by our fully qualified resident butcher.  Processing usually takes approx 3-4 days.  So on average, the beef is only 13-14 days old when it is delivered to our customers (so it’s very fresh).

Where are the animals processed?

Pure Produce has designed and constructed a purpose built and fully accredited processing facility on farm at Hervey’s Range.  With this investment it enables us to monitor closely for quality and provide the best possible product to our valued customers.  Our resident butcher is a master of his craft and is passionate about showcasing the very best of what Pure Produce has to offer.

Where do we deliver?

We provide a free refrigerated delivery service in and around the Townsville area.  We typically try and deliver after 5pm on our scheduled delivery days to fit in with working families.  If you live outside of this area and are interested in a delivery, please make a note with your order and we would be happy to provide a price if feasible.  We could also arrange to meet you somewhere at the extent of our delivery zone in your direction for a transfer of goods.

Once I’ve made an order and paid my deposit, what next?

Once you have selected your preferences and confirmed an order, you will be charged a deposit.  This will then trigger an order in our system.  Once your order has been processed and the final weights obtained, you will receive an email requesting the balance of payment.  Once the balance of payment has been received your order will be scheduled for delivery.

How long will it typically take to receive my order?

To ensure our animals do not undergo any unnecessary stress or handling, they remain happily grazing in our paddocks until we have sufficient orders in place to slaughter.  This is typically 2 head of cattle (eg. 8 x 1/4 orders).  This timeframe, along with a minimum 10-day aging process in our chillers and 4 days to process the orders creates a lead time of approx 2-4 weeks from time of order.  We will do our best to keep you updated regarding the timing of your order.

Delivered Weight Vs Dressed Weight?

Let us unpack the difference for you between Delivered weight and Dressed Weight

*(Delivered Weight)* –  is the weight of beef that we deliver to you in your order.

*(Dressed weight)* – is the ‘Hot Carcass Weight’ immediately after the animal has been dressed.

*(Dressed Weight)* is typically 10-20% higher than the *(Delivered Weight)* due to the following:

  • Reduction in moisture during the aging process in the chillers
  • Disposal of excess fat, bone and other unusable trimmings that do not make their way into an order.

We only charge for the weight of beef we deliver NOT the dressed weight.

Something to keep in mind if comparing our pricing to other markets and suppliers.


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